Octopus for Education

Changing the way technology is used in education.

We want to change the way technology is used in schools. Not that long ago computer lessons at school were 1 hour each week; and usually the first 30 minutes were spent simply turning them on and logging in. With powerful technologies powered by Google and Microsoft we can turn that around and make technology an integral part of learning.

Octopus Computers can manage and support your school with all of their IT needs from the day-to-day issues through to large scale projects and migrations.

Google for Education

Google for Education is the most common technological platform in schools in America – but it has struggled to gain traction over here in the UK. It’s a completely different way of approaching IT within education and personally, we would love to see it rolled out everywhere.

Between Google Classroom, the Play store, Chromebooks and a whole suite of additional learning support tools, Google for Education makes a fantastic option for IT within your school.

Oh yeah, it’s also completely free…!!!

IT Support

We know that every school needs a fantastic IT support team; and that’s what we deliver. Principally, we agree a fixed time at least one every 2 weeks to come on site and fix those pesky issues which come up throughout the term. Don’t worry though; we’ve also got a 24/7 hotline to fix any urgent issues you might encounter.

We also offer over-the-phone support, remote screen-share assistance, and remote monitoring to catch issues before they impact you on the ground.  For more information on how we can be your IT help-desk, get in touch.


Technology changes. Regularly and dramatically. We know that schools and teachers already have enough to deal with and stay on trend. Let us take the lead with your IT training. We live and breathe this stuff, so we’re able to give you modern, relevant and accurate information for everything technologically cutting edge.

Microsoft 365 Education

Keep classrooms organised, from lesson planning to giving students feedback and tracking grades, all while staying connected to peers in professional learning communities.

Microsoft 365 Education incorporates not only the Office suite of products which most users have grown to love, but also a suite of learning tools, administrative options and devices built specifically for use in schools.

Cloud Solutions

We’ve been working in the cloud since it first emerged as a concept; we’ve practically been living in it.  Need emails?  A website?  Somewhere to store all your digital stuff so you can get to it wherever you are?  With our experience in cloud solutions, we are able to offer hosting for all of the answers to these questions.

Network Infrastructure

With so much of IT needing an internet connection nowadays, we know that your ability to deliver an effective lesson, as well as access all the tools you need to do your job, depends on having a great and reliable internet connection.

Whether it’s networking with other computers, connecting to a smart-whiteboard or simply ensuring the WiFi is consistent we’ve got you covered.

Want to talk about IT in education?

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