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Disaster Recovery – sometimes things go wrong and when they do, it’s normally at the worst possible time. Lost some work or precious photographs? We will do all we can to recover them for you (even to the length of forensic data recovery), but more than that we’ll tell you how you can stop it from happening again.

We understand that if or when your computer hard drive fails and has to be replaced you want access to the information on it.  It is an understatement that you will be frustrated if you can no longer access vital information that you have been relying on and is important to your business. If you have a backup of your data and systems, then recovery is easier.  But what happens if you have put off taking backups or the one you took on a USB stick does not work.  Everything may not be lost, however, as it is often still possible to recover the data so you are back up and running with minimal delay.

If we get a solution to your problem, we will of course be able to advise you on the backing up of your systems.

We understand that your business data is very important.  But experience has shown us that sometimes the damage to the storage systems is extreme.  In such cases, we can advise about the use of the right specialist services. However, these expert recovery solution companies are much more expensive and whether you use them will depend how mission critical the information is.

  • Recovery of hard drives formatted in FAT or NTFS
  • Recovered data can be presented on various media e.g. CD, DVD or hard drive (portable or fixed)

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