Digital Marketing

SEO, Adwords, Funnels, PPC, Social, Ecommerce, Optimisation, Video, Analytics, Google my Business, metadata, authority and link-building. It’s a scary world making a digital marketing strategy that works for you. Fortunately, we’re experts in helping you spread your message.

We’re also fortunate to be partners with lots of fantastic companies who specialise in elements we don’t do (like social media posts) to keep your strategy on track.

Marketing is anything that makes selling easy. Digital marketing works exactly the same way. It’s about making sure your ideal customers find you and are persuaded to use your services or buy your products.

It isn’t just about being the top of Google, it’s about being at the top where it really matters. You need to be the go-to authority on your sector in your region. This takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.  Fundamentally, Google just wants to show the best results to whoever types in a search. This means in order to truly “rank” on Google, you’ve got to understand what Google wants to see.

Moreover, when you’re ranking well for the right terms (popular and relevant) then people visiting your website need to convert. What action do you want site visitors to take for you to consider your marketing efforts a success?

At Octopus Computers, we agree these goals up front and feed them into tools like Google Analytics. We can then drive conversion through meaningful data. For example, if we know it takes 100 site visitors per week to generate a new enquiry then we have 2 clear actions available to double the number of enquiries you receive; increase the number of site visitors to 200 or improve the conversion rate by better optimising the site for the correct calls to action. It’s that simple.

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