Email Management


Email is the lifeblood of digital communication. When emails aren’t working, it hits hard. That’s why reliability and continuity are critical. We only offer our clients enterprise grade email solutions with multiple redundancies in place. Gone are the days of email loss or not being able to access your inbox. With the rise of cloud data centres (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and Oracle), your email server now has multiple international redundancies to keep you running at all times.

In fact, did you know that Google power down 50% of their data centres simultaneously once a month to stress test their infrastructure? The best thing is that nobody even notices – that’s the sort of infrastructure that businesses need to rely on.

There are different types of email server communications. The most common are POP3, Imap and Exchange. Pop3 is rarely a good idea as this removes emails from your server; meaning if your computer breaks then your emails have been lost too. Imap is quite good, however it works only for email. To truly benefit from an enterprise solution you need a cloud hosted exchange. This syncs not just your emails but also your calendar and contacts. The 2 best solutions on the market are Google for Business and Office 365 and Octopus is proud to offer both to all of our clients.

All that is not to say that it’s the only way to communicate online. In fact, we see many business benefit from video conferencing, instant messaging and collaborative working. These three things together can dramatically reduce the number of emails we have to deal with on a daily basis; making everybody more efficient, less stressed and ultimately, happier.

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