IT Security

IT Security

We know that the security of your systems is of paramount importance. In fact, few things can cause more disruption and cost than malicious software.

Unfortunately for everybody, the cyber security landscape is constantly changing and evolving. What was traditionally just digital vandalism is now becoming a criminally lucrative industry. In fact, cyber crime damages are expected to hit 6 trillion dollars in 2021; that’s more than the entire global trade of all major illegal drugs combined. It’s no wonder that criminals are now choosing to pursue cyber crime above more traditional routes.

So how can you protect yourself?

We manage your security for you and put software packages in place, which proactively prevent intrusion and malicious software. As with everything Octopus Computers does, we don’t have just one string to our bow here either. For more information, check out below for some of the security providers we work with.

Need advice on your IT security?

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