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Frequently Asked Questions

For some of our most commonly asked questions, you may find an answer below:

Why is my internet so slow?

Internet speeds are usually dependant on 2 factors; line speed and local router/modem performance.

Line speed is the actual performance you are getting from the exchange to your property. If this is the issue, the best bet is to call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them to investigate.

Router performance is slightly harder to diagnose. If you get great speeds when you are cabled into the router but poor speeds over WiFi your router is most likely the problem. Similarly, if you are struggling with speeds throughout the premises or have “dead-zones” with no WiFi signal a good router will definitely help. There are also some fantastic re-broadcasters and mesh solutions which can help boost your WiFi.

Which antivirus should I use?

We’ve found that most people have a “personal preference” for this. It does depend on how much you like to ‘hear’ from your antivirus software. Some of them are rather ‘noisy’ with lots of alerts and pop-ups while others silently work away in the background.

For businesses I would recommend ESET or Kaspersky. Kaspersky really is at the cutting edge of security software but ESET is also very strong.

For personal or home use I would recommend Bullgard or ESET. If you are in a pinch, a good free alternative is something like Avast.

Should I get Apple or Microsoft?

This really depends what you use your machine for.

The user interface (ie: how it works) is very appealing on Apple machines, and they work very well together.

What laptop should I get?

Not an easy question to answer; this depends a lot on your requirements. To know which laptop you need you should whittle down the options based on the following:

  • Screen Size
  • Battery Life
  • Storage Needs
  • Budget
  • What you will use it for

The ideal laptop for one person is, quite often, a terrible decision for another. One constant I would recommend however is getting something with a Solid State Drive (SSD). This adds enormous performance and speed to any laptop and will stop most of the annoying wait times!

Who is the best email provider?

In recent year lots of free email platforms have, sadly, been compromised. This includes @btinernet, @yahoo and @talktalk accounts. For personal use, we would recommend as the best option with an or even as alternatives.

For business email solutions you would need a proper hosted exchange. For the best solution, you should be using a cloud hosted exchange either with Microsoft or Google.

One final point; not all clouds are equal. There are lots of platforms out there which promise Office 365 email hosting (such as BT Business) but in reality this is a very stripped down version with limited functionality. For business email hosting, speak to an expert to check you have what you need.

How do I choose the right CRM for my Business?

When choosing a CRM you really need to invest the time in knowing your business processes. From there, you can build a very robust user requirement and find the solution you need.

Most businesses have a couple of unique aspects to them (such as an IT Support company) which will also help steer which platform is best for you. From there, separate those requirements into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. This builds a scoring matrix against the platforms shortlist you will inevitably build.

Finally, early on you should distinguish between a contact management system and a customer management system. Contact management is build into most cloud hosted email solutions and, if you need something more complex, can usually be managed very well on free platforms. Customer management however often includes marketing communications, pipeline tracking and a level of process automation.

If you need to take things further than managing just the customers, you may want to look at an MRP or ERP solution which stand for Material Resource Planning and Enterprise Resourse Planning respectively.

Still have questions? Drop us a message using the form above and we’ll get right back to you.